ALL donations go directly towards paying for the monthly cost of the server.

Please choose the name colour you wish to have. If you would rather not have a name colour you may use the "Other" option below. Name colours are given via an admin manually after the donation is confirmed successfully received. Once you have the colour you may keep it indefinitely (i.e. no additional future donation needed).

You may stack your donations. For example, you may donate $5 one month and the following month you may donate the remaining $5 for an orange name. Please use the "Other" option for the addition to avoid overpaying.

Finally, THANK YOU!!! Words cannot describe how much your donations (or even the thought of donating) mean to us!!


Pink Name


Aqua Name


Orange Name

Lime Green

Lime Green Name


Yellow Name


Purple Name

Dark Gray

Dark Gray Name

Dark Green

Dark Green Name


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