Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there sethome?

    No, but you may set your spawn with a bed.

  • Is there TPA?


  • How big is the map?

    The world border is set at 200,000. This means that the map is 400,000 by 400,000 in size.

  • Why is spawn in adventure mode?

    Spawn is in adventure mode for protection. You can leave spawn by walking any direction.

  • Why is firespread off?

    We have firespread off to help reduce server lag.

  • What difficulty is the server set to?


  • Is keepinventory on?

    No, keepinventory is not on.

  • Can I apply for staff?

    No, we do not take applications.

  • Are phantoms disabled?

    We have decided to disable phantoms by majority request from the community. However, you can always request for staff to enabled them for an hour up to a day.

  • What is the discord?

    Please ask in-game for the discord link. We prefer to give out the link only in-game so that we can keep the discord specific to the community.